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  1. Thanks! Was going to get the Albion one when they were still making them but really wanted one with a larger blade. Went with John to satisfy that itch....lol
  2. Recent addition. Arms & Armor 'Sexy Beast' XIIIb Overall L: 40 3/8 Blade L: 33 1/4 Blade Width at cross: 2.5* Hilt Length: 7 Grip L: 3 7/8 Guard width: 10 BP: 5 3/4 Weight 3.6 lbs It's a big bladed, double-fuller XIIIb with a type E variant pommel, modeled on a family of 13th century swords found in Hungary, likely associated with a German colony and perhaps the Teutonic Knights. You can find a full history, development, dimensions, pictures, and review in this thread: myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=27639
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