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  3. those are pretty sweet stuff everyone!!
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    Longsword blade. 39" point to shoulder; 1-13/16 wide at shoulder; tang is 7/8" wide at base and 12-1/4" long. Last 3/4" of tang is threaded at 5/16-18, which makes me suspect it was a Windlass blade. Stamped "INDIA". There is some slight surface rust. There is a slight edge. Not razor sharp, but definitely sharpened and not a blunt. $75 will include shipping anywhere in the continental US. Others, please inquire.

    75.00 USD

    Wyoming, Michigan - US

  5. I really like the measurement precision of making!! nicely done collin!
  6. Hi Collin, my thought on the leaf blades effectiveness is that it performs like a double edged Katana ie two katanas back to back. What do you think?
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