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  2. Time Left: 11 months and 29 days

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    Up for sale, The largest sword I have ever and likely will ever make. This sword is basically a Templar Themed Claymore which was inspired by the sword used in the movie "Ironclad" This sword was a massive undertaking and the physical tole it took on my body was quite substantial. This build was partially a collaborative build with Tom Kinder Tom forged out the massive blade blank for me and did the heat treat as well. The sword features a walnut grip with 3 Steel spacers and a mild steel guard/pommel which have been laser etched. The blade has alot of distal taper and balances quite well. This thing even makes my Odinblade look teeny tiny. The sword comes with a leather wrapped wood core scabbard from Steve Huerta. Price is 2000.00 + Shipping/paypal. If you want a monstrous 2 handed sword from me this is your best chance to get one, if I had to make this again the price would be at least $3000 knowing what I do now after having made it. This is a hell of a bargain for a true one of a kind custom oldschool looking sword with a lot of hand made character. Specs: Blade Length: 42.25" Blade Width: 2.375" at shoulder Blade Width: 1.5" at tip Grip Length: 11.5" Overall: 57" Blade Material: 5160 Spring Steel Hilt Material: Mild Steel and Walnut Hilt Assembly: Keyed/Peened Weight: 5.5 lbs POB: 4.5"

    2,000.00 USD

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  4. Time Left: 11 months and 25 days

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    This is an earlier version of this sword (the current version features a rayskin grip, a blackened guard and extruding points on the back side of the high guard riser). This sword has never seen use. the blade has been well oiled, but I did just discover a little surface rust on the wall side of the guard. Nothing a rust eraser won't fix. Grip is plain black leather over wood, everything else is all steel. Price includes shipping to continental US.

    275.00 USD

    Wyoming - US

  5. Recent addition. Arms & Armor 'Sexy Beast' XIIIb Overall L: 40 3/8 Blade L: 33 1/4 Blade Width at cross: 2.5* Hilt Length: 7 Grip L: 3 7/8 Guard width: 10 BP: 5 3/4 Weight 3.6 lbs It's a big bladed, double-fuller XIIIb with a type E variant pommel, modeled on a family of 13th century swords found in Hungary, likely associated with a German colony and perhaps the Teutonic Knights. You can find a full history, development, dimensions, pictures, and review in this thread: myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=27639
  6. Time Left: 11 months and 25 days

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    For sale is the Pilsen rapier from Windlass Steelcrafts. Purchased new in the unsharpened version, it mostly hung on a rack. but when I put it into a production of Romeo and Juliet, in a minor role in the opening street brawl, it took some slight damage. No deep nicks or risers, but based on other experiences with Windlass blades ans contact, I am deciding it should go to someone who wants to sharpen it or just dress it and hang it on the wall. The hilt and scabbard are in pristine condition. The pricing includes shipping to the continental US.

    175.00 USD

    Wyoming, Michigan - US

  7. Time Left: 11 months and 25 days

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    This is a Hanwei Tinker bastard sword blade that i got as a sword, mounted with a shorter grip for single hand use (the latter two photos were the original piece). I found it just a bit unwieldy for mt needs I have re-purposed the furniture to other blades, but haven't the time or skill to alter this to my needs. The blade is in great shape, but it now has a shorter tang than you would usually find on a bastard sword, so it needs a smith who can alter it and re-fit it. Shipping is included in the price.

    75.00 USD

    Wyoming, Michigan - US

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  9. Thanks for this raffle! Good luck to everyone!
  10. Thanks for the invite. I am Odingaard, from the old SBG forum, also known as Crusader Monk, also known as Jon Sarge. Greetings everyone!
  11. This is super well done! Nice work and thanks for sharing Collin!
  12. <url>https://youtu.be/3L4_xfslToI</url> vs 14 chopsticks core big newspaper roll. This is the best cutting sword I've ever cut with. Absolutely amazing!
  13. John Greybeard... Thank you so much. If you liked this one, you are going to like the Mainz and Scabbard I am currently making which is matched to a Pugio and Scabbard. If you'd like a sneak peek look at my facebook page: Master Carver and Maritime Artist Patrick B. Pointer. The name of the page is old and FB won't let me change it... but the content is new and up to date. There are also videos and tutorials on the page. I also do a few give-aways now and then for a lucky member that follows the page and "Likes" it. I give a certain notification and people have a designated time to respond to be a part of the give away. I will be doing it again when the page reaches 2000 followers.
  14. This is gojng to be a great forum I can feel it
  15. I bought a Naginata from St-Nihonto, but it was pretty disappointing. Same issues that all of them on the market seem to have, soft-ish steel and a really fragile shaft. I'd love to see pictures of the longship spear!
  16. Thanks for always sharing your videos! Always cool to see Johns work in action!
  17. Is it possible to compile a list of polearm makers? I know the general manufacturers like Arms and Armor, Windlass, Cold Steel, etc. all have their mass produced models, but are there any smaller companies out there or custom makers that may be missed? I actually have a custom spear made by Longship from a few years ago and was wondering if there are any other manufacturers that do custom polearms.
  18. https://youtu.be/yigHOhmpb74 Longship Armoury 3V swords in action. Tengu and No Remorse vs 14 chopsticks cored newspapers roll, both tested with a difficult left hand on pommel left to right leg cut first. Tengu managed to cut to the bone while NR cut through the whole thing.
  19. Please do! It's probably my favorite meme!
  20. Congratulations James for an ambitious and most welcome new space for all us lovers of steel. Looks like a whole lot of work to get this baby off the ground - Thank You!
  21. This is an incredible piece of work! Probably the most intricately detailed gladius hilt I've ever seen - masterfully worked and historically accurate too - Damn!!! Much respect to you, Rhema... tinged with envy...
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