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  2. Lonely Wolf Forge

    Big Ole' Booeey Knoife

    Finished up a customer commission on a big ole Boooey Knoife. Blade is 1075 High Carbon Steel. I made the grips from Black and Green textured G10. This is a very deceptively light agile blade despite it's size This blade is sold however you can contact me if your interested in a custom of your own Specs: Blade Length: 12.5" Blade Width: 2.125" Grip Length: 4.75" Overall: 17.375" Thickness: .192" at spine Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel Grip Material: G10, Brass Pins
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  4. Findlithui

    Thank you for your kind invitation

    And a suggestion? There is no "topic" for stored content - as in tutorials. These should always be PDFs, with a version number. I've got two - working on a third. But no right place to submit them for approval :(.
  5. StormMaster

    Lonely Wolf Forge Offerings

    wes make me a scabbard :D
  6. Last week
  7. Here is one of my recent 1st Century Roman Mainz Gladius Sword and Scabbard Commissions. I have become known amongst the Museums, Archeologists, Historians, Reenactors, Corporate and Private Collectors for my Historical Accuracy. Every Blade and Scabbard I create is totally hand made with the utmost study and research materials, writings, measurements, archeological discoveries and examples found in Roman Art and Sculpture. I also do customized and personalized works for my clients. Making that special "Dream Piece" or "Vision" a manifestation that I can place in their hand. Each piece is special and unique to the clients needs and desires. This Sword and Scabbard were created for a Client who is a 1st Century Roman Re-enactor. He portrays a Roman Centurion in Germany. The blade is a Historically accurate Roman Fulham Style Blade made from 1085 High Carbon Steel and hardened/tempered to 55hrc. The Hilt is totally hand carved pieces that replicate the archeological discoveries that are on display in the Vindonissa Museum. The Pommel, Grip and Guard are hand carved from European Boxwood as were those that were discovered. There is a solid brass Guardplate that has been personalized to the client's character. The Pommel finial is cast brass here in my shop. The blade is fully tanged and the hilt is peened to the blade, no threaded nuts. The scabbard is also Historically Accurate. The core of the scabbard is made of basswood and lined for a smooth draw and insertion. It is covered in Veg-Tanned Leather and dyed in Royal Blue. All of the metal components are made of brass. The Locket Plate, Terminal Plate, and Chape Plate are all hand made with the hand crafted art of Repousse~. The Chape Plate is also cut away as in the original to allow the leather show through. The Suspension rings and Chape Finial are hand made and cast here in my shop through the lost wax casting process. Everything is made from raw materials right here in my shop, I am a one man operation. Nothing is manufactured other than the thin brass sheet metal prior to the Repousee`
  8. Time Left: 11 months and 25 days

    • FOR SALE
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    Up for your consideration today is a sword I completed it a few months ago with Longship Armoury, inspired ancient BC-era Jian blade shapes I've taken to calling a "double leaf". These blade shapes confused me at first, but during the process of making and testing the blade, I came to realize that the flare farther down the blade is very close to the actual blade node, the sweet spot in the blade that is used for cutting to transfer the most energy to the target. Whether this is the historical purpose of the blade shape or not is of course impossible to know, but what I can tell you is that this sword is an excellent cutting weapon with great blade presence, but still retaining great agility. The blade was forged from crucible L6 tool steel, heat treated to approximately 58hrc. This is a material that I've been very impressed with the performance of. I've done extensive testing including chopping into mild steel (with little to no damage to the edge) as well as flexing it past 90 degrees in one blades, and sticking heat treated samples in a vise and beating them to the point of failure. Something that was much more difficult than I'd have ever anticipated. The toughness of the steel is higher than any steel that I've experienced, and its edge holding ability is on par with some of the best sword steels out there, leaving more common steels like 5160 in the dust in every application. The grip is a beautiful stabilized buckeye burl, the great section going through the lighter wood reminds me of smoke rising towards the pommel. The tsuba-like guard was hand forged from antique wrought iron, with the forged texture on the flats showing the character of the material. The guard and pommel have been blackened with a process similar to a traditional Japanese Sabi-Tsuke patina, which leaves a nice rich black color as well as a pleasing texture. The piece was assembled with high strength epoxy and a hot peened tang for a traditional construction and so that none of the pieces can ever come loose. Blade length: 19.5" Blade Width: 2.1" Grip length: 4.25" Weight: 1.7lbs We are asking $2350 for this piece, with free shipping anywhere in the Continental US. International customers to pay actual shipping cost as well as any customs fees, etc. Thanks!

    2,350.00 USD

  9. Time Left: 11 months and 25 days

    • FOR SALE
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    Here is a mokume tsuba for sale. the mokume was brought and not made by me as I do not have a forge The rest is cut, shaped and polished by me . The patina is a 3 hour rokusho. size is 3.5mm x 72.5mm x 74.5mm price does not include shipping box not included

    250.00 USD

    London, --Select State-- - GB

  10. stef

    mokume mokko tsuba

    Here is a mokume tsuba I recently did with mokume I brought from ebay. will be posting one more for sale later
  11. Lonely Wolf Forge

    Lonely Wolf Forge Offerings

  12. Sword mounts and displays

    ATrim bastard leaf

    Time Left: 11 months and 25 days

    • USED

    Looking for a trade of equal value. Cut with a couple times, blade has no scratches and is in pristine condition. Interested in an ATrim two handed French Falchion, or a Phat Bastard, but am open to just about anything of equal value.


    Sooke, British Columbia - CA

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