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    Bloodstone sword by Albion. This the the first version before Albion switched the design. 15-20 years old and still very sharp. Little to no rust or pitting. Too small for me but could be perfect for someone else. Last few pics are of the worst spots. Some very small rolling on the very tip. So small it would disappear when the edge is touched up. Still in excellent condition considering age. Everything still tight and aligned. This is the same one one eBay. I am the same seller, it's just more there because of fees and such so getting it here is much better! 36" total. 28" blade. 6 1/2" handle. PayPal only. cbretttastic@aol.com for PayPal to buy asap. Just leave shipping info in message in PayPal. Contact for any questions. USA and Canada free shipping. International must know own customs laws. Twould be silly to buy it if you can't even have it in your country.

    1,000.00 USD

    painesville, Ohio - US

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  4. Longship Ring Hilt Sword.
  5. I got my knife today! Wes is a bad ass craftsman. Also, I love my new knife. OAL: 11 5/16" BL: 6 5/16" Weight: 11.1 oz Feels great in my hand. Last thing, Wes it's a boy not a girl which is probably why it bit you.
  6. Lovely collection, and nicely displayed as well, love that Regent and Squire
  7. https://youtu.be/EgJSOK-HBuE Longship Armoury swords vs PPR pipe cored upper arm / shin difficulty targets
  8. OMG I WON I WON I WON I WON WWOOOOOOO YEAH BABY! Also, Congratulations to rjodorizzi and Peter on their wins!
  9. My wife would kill me, but man...
  10. Giveaway Winners JGonzalez Members 0 Joined in Giveaway Monday at 06:24 PM Joined February 16 Content Count 1 Details from Prize 1 Find Content rjodorizzi Members 0 Joined in Giveaway April 9 Joined March 11 Content Count 2 Details from Prize 2 Find Content Peter Members 0 Joined in Giveaway Monday at 08:59 PM Joined Monday at 08:52 PM Content Count 1 Details from Prize 3 Find Content  
  11. Just thought I'd introduce myself. To do so I'd like to tell a simple anecdote. When I was in college I liked blades but didn't own too many. As a point of fact I only actually had one with me in school. That blade being a cold steel scimitar. I thought it was super cool and was waaaay too willing to show it off to people. Guess who got reported? Anyway I was on probation for a semester for having a "large knife collection" (aka one knife and several wooden martial arts training weapons). If I was reported again today they'd probably have a valid claim to the larg knife collection lol. Please to meet everyone!
  12. Obligatory post. Cool site! Hope it takes off. Pic is a sneak peek of a review...just for interest.
  13. So, here’s a pic of my current Busse collection, expecting a new one in the next week or so (will update when it arrives). The first pic is all of the knives, the 2nd is all of my current TGs
  14. Reminder for anyone joining the giveaway: Don't forget to actually go to the "Raffles" section, select the giveaway, and press the button to actually join the giveaway after you've made your one content post!
  15. Lmao, nice Golden Child reference! That's going wayyyyy back haha
  16. Now that you've made a post, you should be able to click the Join/Participate button here on this giveaway page.
  17. Thanks for the giveaway. Here’s my EDC
  18. "I said i..i..i..want the knife. Please."
  19. This is just an post to say hi and to introduce myself to the group. Not so much a Smith as I am a collector. I love all blades, fantasy, fictional, historical, tactical, etc etc. Not a big fan of wall hangers tho I'll admit. I dont own anything I cant swing with confidence. Anyways, glad to be here and am excited to see this take off!
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