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    This is an earlier version of this sword (the current version features a rayskin grip, a blackened guard and extruding points on the back side of the high guard riser). This sword has never seen use. the blade has been well oiled, but I did just discover a little surface rust on the wall side of the guard. Nothing a rust eraser won't fix. Grip is plain black leather over wood, everything else is all steel. Price includes shipping to continental US.

    275.00 USD

    Wyoming - US

  2. Time Left: 4 months and 24 days

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    For sale is the Pilsen rapier from Windlass Steelcrafts. Purchased new in the unsharpened version, it mostly hung on a rack. but when I put it into a production of Romeo and Juliet, in a minor role in the opening street brawl, it took some slight damage. No deep nicks or risers, but based on other experiences with Windlass blades ans contact, I am deciding it should go to someone who wants to sharpen it or just dress it and hang it on the wall. The hilt and scabbard are in pristine condition. The pricing includes shipping to the continental US.

    175.00 USD

    Wyoming, Michigan - US

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    This is a Hanwei Tinker bastard sword blade that i got as a sword, mounted with a shorter grip for single hand use (the latter two photos were the original piece). I found it just a bit unwieldy for mt needs I have re-purposed the furniture to other blades, but haven't the time or skill to alter this to my needs. The blade is in great shape, but it now has a shorter tang than you would usually find on a bastard sword, so it needs a smith who can alter it and re-fit it. Shipping is included in the price.

    75.00 USD

    Wyoming, Michigan - US

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